Animatie Hotel Costa Calero


In het hotel beschikken wij over een Miniclub voor kinderen van 4 tot 8 jaar en over een Maxiclub voor kinderen van 8 tot 12 jaar, en een speeltuin.


Mini Club/Maxi Club



Here are the different Entertainment programmes our hotel offers for your unforgettable holidays here.

 Our Entertainment consists of 3 daytime programmes and 2 night time programmes, distributed as follows: 

Daytime Programme

 Mini Club (from 4 to 7 years of age)


This programme is for children aged 4 to 7 and consists of different games, workshops, theme days, etc. We provide everything the small ones need to have a great time here with our entertainment team.

We start at 10:30h till 13:00h and from 15:00h till 17:00h, 6 days per week.


Maxi Club (8 to 12 years of age)


Our Maxi Club is for kids aged between 8-12 years and is packed up with different activities for a genuine fun and entertainment for them. The schedule is the same: 10:30h till 13:00h and from 15:00h to 17:00h, 6 days per week. 

Adult Programme (13 years old and above)


This programme is very diverse and offers great possibilities for entertainment for all those who are willing to participate in our activities, such as step aerobics, yoga, pilates, stretching, zumba classes, dance classes (salsa, merengue, bachata), gun and carbine shooting, archery, petanca, sjoelbak, shuffleboard, beach volleyball, water aerobics, water-polo, ping pong, pool, dice, etc. It starts at 10:30 am till 13:00 pm and from 15:00 pm to 17:00 pm.

Night time Programme


We have two night time programmes, distributed as follows:


BAR SALÒN MATALEÑAS: Here is our stage where we hold 5 professional acts per week and twice per week we have our special Entertainment team Shows which represent famous musicals, comedies and dancing and singing acts.


PIANO BAR MOURO: Here we have different live music shows 4 times per week. Perfect for relaxing before and/or after your dinner with a drink in your hand listening to our exquisite artists. This pleasant atmosphere is suitable for all ages and tastes.

 Please note that all our programmes are subject to changes and availabilities.

We hope that this information will be useful to you and you will choose our hotel for your vacations.



Entertainment Manager